Spring Break is over, the kids are back at school and I’m finally ready to share all the fun we had! We decided to do a staycation in Winnipeg this year, plus kiddo’s birthday always falls during that week too. So, for about a month before we all started writing down our ideas on our […]


My week with the Ford Fusion Energi! #FusionFoodie #FordFarmToCar

December 6, 2017

I was already a big fan of electric cars going into this – I reviewed a few for Ford over the years and think it’s amazing! I’m a city driver though so not too much mileage, lots of short trips so for us it’s a perfect fit. Not everything works for everyone, and Ford is […]

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Summer fun in the 2017 Ford F150 King Ranch

July 24, 2017

Summer is the time for roadtrips, fun and family outings! What a perfect time to test out the 2017 Ford King Ranch F150! For me it was also learning to be flexible with those plans! We had booked a cabin in Gimli for a few days – the weather was terrible, raining and windy but we […]

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Ultimate Canadian Family Road trip to Flin Flon with the Ford Escape – #GoFurther150

May 25, 2017

What’s your idea for the perfect Canadian Roadtrip? We were given that opportunity with Ford and we chose a spot none of us had ever been to – Flin Flon, Manitoba. Just the name itself is fun, and I’d never been that far up north so we gave it a shot. What a better way […]

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Daytrips in Manitoba with the @FordCanada Escape – #EscapeAndDiscover

August 15, 2016

One of my favourite things about summer in Manitoba, apart from the awesome weather is how easily you can pull together some daytrips. And how much variety in scenery you can get in short little drives. We had a 2017 Ford Escape for the week and the first thing I did was pack it up […]

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Towing and Family Fun with the @FordCanada F150 King Ranch #FordMB

May 17, 2016

If you spend a lot of time in your truck, and do a lot of towing the Ford King Ranch is a great choice. It’s more expensive of course, but if you are needing those extra features and comfort, it can really be well worth it. It’s like buying a good mattress or shoes – […]

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Spring Break fun with the Ford Edge #FordMB

May 3, 2016

  This year we were super excited for Spring Break – a week off, and it was kiddo’s 10th birthday! And we had a nice new Ford Edge to try out for the week. And of course, like these things happen, we all got sick! So, after some rest and lots of tea and warm […]

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Family Fun with the Ford Focus

April 11, 2016

The new Ford Focus is a great little family car! We decided since we had a week to test it out, we’d have fun exploring the city and heading to spots we haven’t been before. Thankfully it comes with a great navigation system and lots of room for passengers and all the treasures we found […]

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Focus On My City Adventure! #FordFocus

August 31, 2015

  When planning outings, do you ever find yourself in a rut? Do you sometimes wonder, what else is there to do in my city? Ford put out a challenge to FocusOnMyCity – and boy did we ever have a whirlwind 48 hours exploring Winnipeg! We got to drive the 2015 Ford Focus 1.0L SE […]

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Road Trip to Narcisse Snake Dens- A Slithering good time!

May 11, 2015

  If you’re looking for something fun to do with the family, check out the Narcisse Snake Dens. It’s less than 90 minutes from Winnipeg – very easy trip and easy to find. If you’ve never been before, it’s the largest congregation of snakes in the world! People come from all over the world to […]

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Ten Things to do in #Winnipeg in 2015 that are completely free!!

April 8, 2015
Thumbnail image for Ten Things to do in #Winnipeg in 2015 that are completely free!!

  With winter slowly wrapping up in Winnipeg, it’s time to start heading outside again and enjoying Spring and Summer while they’re here! And what’s better than filling your calendar with all kinds of fun and free activities! This list is in no particular order – they’re all great, totally free (unless you buy things […]

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