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  1. Hi i am a CT technologist at a couple hospitals in the city and as per your advice just went to Costco on Kenaston with my work id and they would not let me in. Told me its for doctors, nurses, firefighters and first responders only. Apparently Costo doesn’t know that healthcare workers or healthcare professionals includes many more people than nurses and doctors. Healthcare professionals includes X-ray, CT, ultrasound, and various other diagnostic imaging professionals, lab techs, respiratory techs, physical therapists, pharmacists, etc. Please update your site to reflect that Costco is only letting doctors, nurses, and first responders in, because it is very insulting to go there and be turned away after a long days work in a hospital with very sick patients; covid 19 patients included!
    Thank you

    • If you’re not on the list that I posted, I have said to phone the store and check. It seems that certain stores are letting in certain people, and others aren’t. which is why it’s very important to phone the exact location before you go.

  2. The Costco on Kenaston had the executive member coupons on a table just inside the door. You can pick them up there and then still need to rip them out of the booklet when you pay.

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