Towing and Family Fun with the @FordCanada F150 King Ranch #FordMB

17 May


If you spend a lot of time in your truck, and do a lot of towing the Ford King Ranch is a great choice.

It’s more expensive of course, but if you are needing those extra features and comfort, it can really be well worth it. It’s like buying a good mattress or shoes – something comfortable since you spend a huge amount of your day in it.

20160417_074042This truck is the perfect mix of city and country. It’s beautiful, but rugged.

You feel like you could show up at a wedding in it – then go driving through a field. Either one, or both! The inside is the most comfortable I’ve ever been in any vehicle, ever. I found myself enjoying long trips and not minding traffic. When you’re getting a massage and are that comfortable, why not?

There is every feature in this that you could ever dream up – makes for easy driving.


20160417_073953 I really liked all the extra steps and ways they make it accessible for everyone. Kids and seniors will have no problems getting in and out of this truck – they’ve really thought of everything. Even getting into the case is a breeze, and makes loading and unloading super simple.

This truck made me think of people who run a business pretty much out of their truck – farmers, salespeople, tradespeople – so many that spend a long time in their truck and need everything in reach at all times. This had the space to pull over and get all your work done. And lots of great storage for all that goes with it.

IMG_20160422_101736The backseat is large enough for 3 adults to sit comfortably too. And the seats fold up for storage – you could almost live back there.

The kind of truck you just want to take off in – no matter the destination you know you’ll be fine.

And of course there’s the towing. A huge part of why you’d get a truck like this. I’m no expert in towing but my husband took it to work and really gave it a workout.

It was muddy and gross out and he had to move trailers from the country to the city. He normally uses an F250, and this one was an F150 – but this was able to tow everything he had to move. The video below was of an 18 foot trailer.


IMG_20160422_101732When I first saw this truck I admit, I thought it was too fancy. But after driving it around and getting it dirty – and having it come clean really quickly it changed my mind. I had a hard time holding back from taking it 4x4ing! 🙂

There are so many great towing features on this too – lots of extras so that any newbie can tow. And it tows great on the highway, so perfect if you’re moving a trailer or boat around all summer.

I think this is a great option if you’re in the market for a truck that needs to be multipurpose and want to splurge a little to be in comfort.

It’s easy enough for me to drive in the city, but enough power to tow everything we had to.


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