Costco weekly coupons

17 Feb

I know a lot of people wait for pet food sales, and there’s a few this week! There’s $6 off Whiskas dry cat food, $6 off Cesar wet dog food, $7.50 off Pedigree vitality dog food. There’s also $3 off … Read More »

Bonus coupons at Costco

15 Feb

Costco released a few extra coupons that are only good Saturday and Sunday.There’s $4 off packs of pork tenderloin, $30 off Nexgrill portable grill, $20 off Black & Decker convection toaster oven, $30 off Terrace area rug, $5 off women’s … Read More »

Costco weekend deals

14 Feb

Here are the weekend deals from the Regent location in Winnipeg.Lots of great deals and stock on flowers, and all kinds of new sales just for the weekend.if you want to see the regular ones for the week, check out … Read More »