Spring Break fun with the Ford Edge #FordMB

3 May


IMG_20160329_104515This year we were super excited for Spring Break – a week off, and it was kiddo’s 10th birthday! And we had a nice new Ford Edge to try out for the week.

And of course, like these things happen, we all got sick! So, after some rest and lots of tea and warm drinks we were ready to go on our adventures.

We went to a hotel for kiddo’s birthday – can’t beat waterslides and a sleepover to celebrate double digits!

There’s nothing like a little staycation too to get in the Spring Break frame of mind.


IMG_20160327_130310We also checked out the rock show in Beausejour – great drive out and who doesn’t like rocks?

Kiddo was pretty impressed with those shark teeth – and like every time we go anywhere with rocks we brought a lot of neat stuff home. It’s fun to see all the different kinds of rocks and all the crazy stuff you can do with them. A great learning experience for the whole family – and we now have a lot of rock themed decorations.

And this is where I found one of my favourite features on the Edge – the where am I button!



IMG_20160327_120937Pretty sure Ford invented this just for me! 😉

It tells you exactly where you are – we were in the parking lot of the rock show so we weren’t lost, but imagine if you were!

Especially on country roads if you’re unfamiliar with them and there are no signs, getting the longitude and latitude is awesome!

My mom drives an Edge that’s a few years older, so it’s always fun to see what’s new and improved every year. This one had an amazing sun and moon roof  – which is my family’s new favourite things. So nice on the highway and relaxing, and if it gets too sunny there’s a simple cover to close.


20160324_180611Another great thing is the amount of space there is – this is just the trunk part, you can still fold the seats down for even more room.

This is big enough for the largest grocery shop for sure! And camping trips, sports equipment, major garage sale hauls etc.

I love those big spaces for picnics too, perfect place to have a quick bite when you’re on a road trip.



20160326_143508(1)And no holiday is complete without some great chocolate – of course for Easter we had to grab all kinds of goodies at Chocolatier Constance Popp!

We had a great week with the Edge – kiddo got to plan out all kinds of adventures, lazer tag, several dinners out for the bday girl.

The Edge is great for all sizes of families. Seats 5 comfortably with still plenty of stuff for all your day to day stuff. And it’s not so large that it’s harder to drive or park either – so great for all ages! And I was really surprised at the gas station – a pleasant surprise – even with a week of adventures and heading out of town a few times we barely used any gas. Which is a great feature on any car for sure!








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