Family Fun with the Ford Focus

11 Apr


The new Ford Focus is a great little family car!

We decided since we had a week to test it out, we’d have fun exploring the city and heading to spots we haven’t been before. Thankfully it comes with a great navigation system and lots of room for passengers and all the treasures we found along the way!

This car drives really well, even when it’s snowy and icy and it’s actually really fun to drive.


IMG_20160313_124146I loved the model we got – plenty of room, lots of pep while driving it and just a lot of fun for a family to cruise around in.

Best part is – even though we drove from one end of the city and back several times, along with regular daily use we ended up using up $7 of gas for an entire week!

This car is great for a smaller family – the price is affordable, but think of how much you’d be saving just on gas monthly also. That can really add up – and this is a great car to lower that cost.

It’s a fun car for sure – but it’s also a really safe car too. It comes with the standard rear view camera but also 7 airbags. Plus, like all Ford vehicles it has boron steel in their door intrusion beams, which helps protect occupants in side-impact collisions. As a parent those kinds of things are really important – especially with kids in the backseat.

IMG_20160312_142057_editMy kiddo loved the car, she loves the armrests that come down in the middle for drinks on the go – and she had plenty of room back there, even when grandma came along for a ride.

Another thing I really liked in the backseat were the cutouts on the front seat, making for extra legroom for passengers. Not sure if every car has this, but it caught my eye in this one and think that’s a great idea. I never worry about legroom, but if you have a tall driver and a tall person sitting behind them it can make a big difference for comfort.

We had a great time with this car – it’s perfect for a single person, or a smaller family with just one or two kids. Plenty of room in the trunk for groceries and sports equipment etc. and it’s a really cute looking car too!




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