My week with the Ford Fusion Energi! #FusionFoodie #FordFarmToCar

6 Dec

I was already a big fan of electric cars going into this – I reviewed a few for Ford over the years and think it’s amazing!

I’m a city driver though so not too much mileage, lots of short trips so for us it’s a perfect fit. Not everything works for everyone, and Ford is working on so many great projects that are super earth friendly too!

One thing is the Ford Farm to Car – what that means is that food by products, oversupply and other biomaterials are getting a new life in Ford vehicles!

Things like soy foam in seat cushions, rice hulls to reinforce plastic, wheat straw reinforced plastic in the storage bins of the Flex, coconut husks in trunk mats, and cellulose replacing some plastics.


That they’ve done and incorporating into cars. And they’re working on testing tons more – like sugar cane for interior fabrics, tomato fibre (leftover after ketchup) for bio plastic material, bamboo as veneer and fillers, even algae might find a place in the car of the future! You can find out all about it on their website.

So, when you get a chance to eat a car – why not? I love that they’re using parts of the food that are leftover after being consumed by humans, that is such a great idea! But for us, I chose to eat the good parts!

We love having noodle bowls, especially when it gets cold out – and this time I decided to add some bamboo. We keep these super simple and kid friendly, I picked up some Pho broth, some veggies, thin noodles from Nature’s Farm and some bamboo to finish it off! And look at me – I didn’t turn into a car 😉  It really was delicious though!

And since we are a family of gourmands, when I eat a car, I’m going to want some dessert too! So, bring in the sugarcane. And what has sugarcane in it….well, some amazing Unicorn Bars from Sweet C Bakery!

After we were done eating the car, we drove the car! 🙂

Well, we also fed the car too!

One thing that I can’t wait to see more of are charging stations!

I’ve seen them before, but the only one I could remember was the one at Ikea.

We were in the area running errands anyway, and it’s a fun place to pop in and look around.

I was a little bit nervous about charging it at such a busy place. First of all, what happens if our plug wasn’t compatible? And next, with it being so busy, what happens if someone stole the cord?

Well, the future is here! They supply the cord and it’s compatible with all electric cars! How amazing is that?

And since they’re running theirs at a higher voltage than our house plug, the car recharges very quickly!

I love that it’s cheaper to just pop into Ikea for some meatballs and a break – and have a full tank of energy for free when you go!

And when we get to the point where these plugs are everywhere…how amazing would that be for commuters, and city drivers? You also get a pretty sweet green car parking spot too!

Another worry with electric cars is where do all the batteries go? In the Fusion it was in the trunk….and you were still left with a really decent amount of trunk space which is great!

And one big point is that you can choose electric or gas – or a combo. It’s great that you get a lot of say what and when it gets used. Very customisable! It’s not the fastest car on the road – some other Fusion’s we’ve driven had a lot more go power but this was perfect for average driving. You won’t be winning any races with this one… but you are helping the planet! 🙂 And saving a ton in gas!

We had a lot of fun with this car – I really hope that we start to see more and more electric cars out there!

But until then, I love the fact that there’s so many great initiatives happening and in the works in the Fords already on the road!





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