What to do with old car seats?

14 Apr

Do you have an old bucket car seat laying around and not sure what to do with it? Is it expired, or because of the new laws you can’t pass it along and don’t want it to end up in the landfill? Found a great solution! The Louis Riel Arts and Technology centre is looking for about 10 bucket seats in good condition to use with the computerized Real Care Babies – the students have to take care of the babies for a few days, including bringing them in and out of the car etc. so they need the bucket seats. They can be old or expired, but need to be clean with no rips or anything like that. If you have one you’d like to see find a new home, you can drop it off at the Louis Riel Arts and Technology centre at 5 deBourmont street in the windsor park area – across from the Maginot arena.

I know a lot of people were left with perfectly good car seats that because of the new rules can’t be used anymore – this is a good solution for the bucket seats. If anyone has any solutions for the bigger car seats post it up, or email me to let me know.

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    • I think so too! Love when you can help someone learn life lessons, and keep tons of plastic out of the dump for a while longer.

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