Smart Source insert

14 Apr

Smart Source flyer insert was in today’s free press (delivered) – i didn’t get it with my flyers mid week though…who else got this smart source and how?

Here’s what’s included:

loreal coupons, colgate, quantum, lysol, resolve, bogof for bulls eye bbq sauce, speedstick, windex, drano, dial, purex buy laundry soap get free crystals or ultrapack, royale….

Not a bad one if you use purex and bulls eye! 🙂

3 Replies to “Smart Source insert

  1. Earlier this year, I called Flyer Advantage because I wasn’t always getting the RedPlum, Brand Saver, etc. inserts when you (Nadine) were. They told me that they don’t always go out to everyone, it’s allocated by postal code. Kinda disappointing for those of us who love coupons, but thankfully the coupon chains fill in some of those we didn’t see.

    • Thanks! I had totally missed it – it was so far in the A section. Going to keep entering, hadn’t won in a while! 🙂

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