Lindt store is open!

14 Apr

Headed out today to check out the brand new Lindt store, couldn’t resist! It’s at 1570 Kenaston, close to the Chapters/Indigo store. If you are a fan of Lindt, 1st step is to pick up the great deal on Teambuy – $10 gets you $20 at the store! Right now they had lots of chocolate about 50% off, big bins full so you can fill your own bag, gift boxes – huge selection! Lots of the bars are on sale too – makes for amazing deals since you are already getting it 50% with your Teambuy, then another 50% off in store! They’re also handing out some free samples today! Perfect if you’re having any sort of party in the next few months, the bins of wrapped chocolates were a great deal and there was about 15-20 different kinds, including champagne filled, could be neat for wedding favours.

Did anyone else check out the new store? What did you guys think?

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