Walmart Annivery sale

16 Sep

Walmart has their big anniversary sale starting today. Tide is on for 5$ (limit of 6), lots of sales on electronics, lots of home stuff, baby stuff, hasbro games for 10$ (perfect to pick up a few for xmas and bday gifts). McCains fries, pizza pockets and pizzarettas are all 1$. Janes Chicken for 6$. Nothing super amazing though – I remember previous years there were some really hot deals….nothing jumped out at me this time. You guys?

Shoppers Drugmart has spend 75$ and get 25$ worth of points back. Nothing amazing on sale, but a good idea if you need a lot of groceries, or were wanting to pick up a bigger item and get lots of points at once.

3 Replies to “Walmart Annivery sale

  1. I’d have to agree with the walmart sales not being THAT great. The big box of diapers is about the same price as avg sale price for diapers. When I was at costco today, their sale price was actually better. So the misleading pricing of walmart strikes again!

  2. I wasn’t that impressed either – the sales a few years ago used to be unbelievable for the anniversary. I wanted one of the tv’s on the flyer – ends up they sold out at every location first thing in the morning….I don’t like sales with almost no stock. I remember Zellers used to have great sales when my daughter was small. I’d go 1st thing when the store would open and often they didn’t even have what was in the flyer. I completely stopped going after that.

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