Email direct and Safeway coupons

16 Sep

Here are this week’s email direct coupons – some good ones this week, including buy one get one free.

Also check out safeway’s site to get more coupons¬†too! And check facebook later today for an additional coupons – they’re not up yet!


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  1. Picked up at Safeway today (Dakota location but likely at others and other stores also): by the butter – a holder of Smuckers Wake up Your breakfast booklets, with $6.75 in coupons and some interesting (i.e. ones I might make) ideas for breakfasts or anytime.
    .75 GayLea Spreadable butter
    1.00 Smuckers jam, any size (small size is $2.49 this week at Shoppers)
    1.00 Adams peanut butter
    .50 Robin Hood oats
    1.00 Carnation evaporated milk (3)
    .75 Eggo waffles
    1.00 Folgers coffee
    1.00 GayLea Spreadables butter ( i.e. 2 coupons)
    .50 Dempsters white or 100% wheat bread
    waffle butterflies
    peanut butter breakfast bars
    strawberry iced tea latte
    breakfast quesadillas
    ham and jam bites
    blueberry breakfast bowl

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