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15 Sep

Superstore has spend 250$ get a turkey up to 25$. There’s also a coupon for spend 49$ or more on adult outerwear and get 10$ off.

Safeway has dollar days – 2 litre pop, quaker crispy minis, grapes are 1$ a lb, small bottles of listerine are 1$. There are also lots of 2$, 3$, 4 and 5$ deals.

Canadian Tire is having their 89th birthday 3 day sale – lots of big deals. Also there’s a scratchcard for either a mccain deep and delicious cake coupon, 5$ in instant savings – or win 5000$. This was a crazy promotion last time as some people found tons of these cards.

Sobey’s is having a buy one get one free event – cheese, salad, yogourt, soup, pancake mix – I find this sale is a good one to do a walkthrough of the stores, and know your prices at other stores. The stuff that is bogof in the flyer has the prices, so good idea to look through before and calculate it. Some of it ends up being amazing deals!

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  1. What a treat you all ready have these posted! I need to go to our postoffice to get our flyers and now I dont need to rush around to learn the deals. Thank you

  2. I just had a chance to look at the Safeway flyer and noticed some things that seem pretty good prices (I am not getting them ALL!).
    large tomatoes or roma tomatoes @$1/lb
    various oranges/appples/green grapes/pears @$1/lb
    Black Diamond cheese slices 500 g Buy 1@$4, Buy 2+@$3 each (compare to Kraft cheese slices 1kg size @$8.99)
    Jug Tropicana Orange Juice 2.63 to 2.84L @$5
    Fresh Express bag salads @$3
    Finish dishwasher detergent powerball/gelpac/Quantum 20-25s @$5 (lots of coupons still around)
    Crest or Colgate toothpaste 75-130 mL/assorted @$1 (coupons around)
    Irish Spring bar soap 3x90g @$1 (Walmart has Irish Spring 6 bars on @1.97)
    Speedstick/LadySpeedstick deodorant @$2
    General Mills assorted cereals @3/$10
    Heinz canned beans or pasta @$1.

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