The Help – Review and Giveaway

5 Aug

I got to go watch the premiere last night of the new Disney movie, The Help. I had read the book and wanted a different opinion so brought Melanie along who hadn’t read the book yet .

It was a big hit with both of us – and from the crowd’s reaction it was a hit with everyone! It’s a whirlwind of emotions – some parts are very serious, some parts are upsetting to see, some parts are downright hilarious! I think not knowing what was coming made the jokes that much funnier – Melanie was laughing like crazy. But from my side I knew and loved the characters already and they really picked all the perfect actors. It’s not often you see a movie where you have no complaints after having read the book.

For anyone who doesn’t know the backstory, it’s about maids and housekeepers in Mississippi in the 1960’s who group together with a local white girl and they all write a book together about how it really is to work for these white families. It’s crazy to see how these very young white women treat their maids – these ladies often raised them and are now raising their kids – but the help can’t use indoor washrooms, same silverware etc.  I remember wondering about that when I read the book – was it like this in Canada too? And what happened to this generation of women who didn’t raise their own children and left all the cooking and cleaning to the help? And what happened to the help once the children were raised? What were their lives really like? This movie really puts you in the moment, you can really imagine what it would have been like at that exact point in time. Some scenes are really upsetting, some make you laugh like a hyena (melanie) and some really make you think. I think if you read the book you will love seeing it come to life – I can’t think of one thing I would have done differently. If you haven’t read the book you will enjoy it as it, just a great movie! You really get to love the characters, and hate a few of them too. Every actor was perfect for their role, one of those movies you lose yourself in and it almost becomes real. The scenery is great, the clothing and all the actors really made you believe it was the 1960’s! It was mostly women in the audience but I think most men would really enjoy it too. Perfect movie for a girl’s night out though, and lots to talk about after. There is one thing that happens in the movie (and book) that is just priceless – you guys will all know what I mean when you see it! 🙂 Make sure to use the washroom before because it’s 146 minutes long – it flew by. The movie started at 7 and when it finished I thought it was around 830, nope it was 930! Not often you get to totally lose yourself in a movie!

And thanks to Disney one person will be winning a cute The Help prize pack, which includes:

·         THE HELP hand held novelty fan

·         THE HELP nail file

·         THE HELP bookmark

To enter comment here with why you want to win this prize pack. To earn a 2nd entry like them on facebook and post here that you did.

Contest open to all Canadians and will end August 10th at noon!

Movie starts August 10th – grab some girlfriends and make a night of it! 🙂


36 Replies to “The Help – Review and Giveaway

  1. I loved the book — it was wonderful. I picked it up at the library when it first came out (before people started talking about it) and loved it.

  2. I loved the book also – read it more than a year ago on the recommendation of a book review newsletter I get weekly. Glad to hear the movie did not disappoint.
    The book is on sale for 40% off at Shoppers this week.

  3. I read the book and loved it, it is one of those things that you still think over a month later. I’m really looking forward to seeing the movie, I didn’t realize Disney made it.

  4. I have not yet read the book and that surprises me because I am an avid reader and did not even hear about it until they were talking about the movie. I would LOVE to win this giveaway so that I can read all about what everyone is saying is terrific. Not to mention the handy bookmark and nail file…I’d be just tickled to win.;0) Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity!

  5. I picked up this book on a whim right before we went to the lake – I don’t read alot lets say one book every 5 years. I thought why not. I’m so happy that i did i read it in a week and a half. I can’t wait to see the movie.

  6. Saw the preview at the theater yesterday and it looks hilarious! I’d love to win this! I’m surprised however that the giveaway doesn’t include the book to go with the bookmark…

  7. I haven’t read the book yet but would love too. I’d also like to win this prize. My girls would more than likely take over the fan though. 🙂

  8. My mom is american and her grandmother lived in Atlanta Georgia. Her Grandmother was very well off and had black maids. My mom spent every summer there till she was 16. Although she tried all the time she was told not to talk or hang out with them. Being that my mom moved all over (military family) she often went to school with black kids and kids of all other races so it was normal to her to be around all different kinds of people. But her grandmother was prim, proper, and posh and it just unacceptable to be friends with the help. My mom was a free spirit kinda kid and did what she wanted to anyways but she does remember the strick rules when it came to the THE HELP.

    My mom and i are going to see this movie on Monday and I am sure it will bring back some memories for her. I am very interested in seeing a little bit of what my mom went through or maybe just witnesses by watching this movie and I also love EMMA STONE.

  9. I haven’t heard of it but it sounds interesting!! I would love to win the prize pack, especially the bookmark to use with my new book purchase. 🙂

  10. I saw the preview and I always have to read the book before the movie! The book is usually better so I like to read it first!

  11. I look forward to seeing this movie and will not read the book til after, I love reading but I find when I read a book before the movie I sit and compair the whole time I make myself not enjoy the movie. I hope I win mostly because my kids love opening packages, the fan can go in my daughters dress up chest and who can’t use a nail file 😉

  12. Sounds like a good movie, I will have to check it out on my Kobo. Would like to win the pack as I am always looking for my stuff like that, lol

    I liked them on facebook as well

  13. I really want to read the book & see the movie. My mother-in-law was a maid for several weathy families here in Winnipeg, some of the stories she’s told me are amazing.

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