Gymboree coupon

5 Aug

Here’s a coupon to save 20% off at Gymboree  It’s only good until Monday the 8th. I was at the St. Vital store yesterday, the deals weren’t great but there was some good stuff – a lot of stuff was on for 5.99 – there was some good clearance on bathing suits. With the 20% off there would be some really cheap back to school stuff.

4 Replies to “Gymboree coupon

  1. I went yesterday and was able to use it….got 4 pairs shorts and 2 t-shirts for $25. Not a lot of good deals though and lots of white t-shirts for boys (white doesn’t work in my house!).

    • Glad to hear you could use it – thought so, I’ve gone with a friend before and just printed out same coupon twice. I didn’t find the deals great the other day either – white doesn’t work for us either, unnecessary stress! 🙂

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