Today’s Smart Source

6 Aug

The Smart Source was in this week’s flyers and today’s delivered Free Press – if anyone sees it in the paper in stores post up which location you saw it at. Here are the coupons:

Mail in Rebate for Finish Quantum 7.99

1$ off Tresemme

1$ off nature valley, fibre 1 and betty crocker fruit snacks

Mail in Rebate for Lysol no Touch 14.99

1$ off Noxzema

1$ off Clorox Bleach

2$ off when you buy 2 ziploc

1.50 of pullups, 1$ off pull up wipes

bunch of scrubbing bubbles coupons

1.50$ off goodnites

4$ and 3$ off Red lobster

1$ off purell

bunch of glade coupons

5 Replies to “Today’s Smart Source

  1. what happened to the huggies diapers coupons, they seem to be getting stingier and stingier on these coupons

  2. I got the SmartSource coupons today in the WFP at the PharmaPlus at Lakewood and Fermor. Check for it in the Sunday Winnipeg Sun also – it has been there other times.
    FYI PharmaPlus has some good deals on right now with their in-store coupon book (also available to see online) – and they accept manufacturers’ coupons in addition to their own coupons. I used some P&G brandsaver coupons I had that are on special now.

  3. I participated in the last Lysol No Touch MIR and love the product. Do you think I would be able to do it again this time or have I reached my limit of one per household?

    • I heard that the deal is one per PERSON, and not per household (or at least it was last time). So if you have multiple people in the house, you could – in theory – each get one! I haven’t seen the offer this time, though, so I don’t know if they’ve changed that.

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