Safeway Monday Twitter Madness Meal Deal for June 9th 2014

9 Jun

Every Monday for months now Safeway posts up a great deal on twitter – seems like most people don’t use twitter but don’t worry! Just show the picture below and you’re good to go! They need the plu# number, but good to have the picture too just in case. The deals are for mondays only and are one per person, so remember to bring the family with you! 🙂

And don’t forget to check back every monday for another great deal posted up on my Winnipeg Blog!

pizza   Today’s deal is a Wild Mike’s pizza and a 6 pack of mini pop for $4.99!

If you haven’t tried those pizzas yet, they’re a lot larger than most frozen pizzas. I’d say 1.5 times bigger or so.

Don’t forget to share this deal with friends and family – great for a lazy dinner on a busy night! 🙂

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