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15 Feb

Here are this week’s coupons – all 50% off, for frozen greek yogourt (i didn’t even know that existed but sure sounds good!) , bacon, pita crisps, bread, sugar snap peas and l’oreal face care.

Also, check out the Taste of Manitoba contest further down the page.

Safeway had announced a deal for this weekend earlier in the week on their facebook page – it’s supposed to be there today but isn’t yet. Pampers mega pack diapers are supposed to be 50% off, so if you’re interested in that make sure to check their facebook page for the coupon.

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  1. Hubby picked up Frozen Greek Blueberry Yogurt. He and the kids are just devouring it! My rainbow cake with whip-cream fell into second place in comparison!
    I prefer frozen yogurt to ice cream (especially when it comes in chocolate or vanilla!)

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