A few fun food options at the Festival Du Voyageur

16 Feb

I love going to the Festival Du Voyageur, so much to do and see, but have to admit my favourite part is the food! All my old childhood favourites, and some new twists on them too!

If you’ve ever wanted to eat in La Maison Du Bourgeois this is your chance!


I’ve peeked through the windows many times and it looks nice – usually when we’ve been at the park in the summer there’s a wedding going on. This year I’m going for lunch!!

Lunch from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Dinner from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on the days listed below.

 Sat (16th) Lunch and Dinner (10 am- 8 pm)

                                                                                                     Sun (17th) Lunch and Dinner (10 am- 8 pm)

                                                                                                     Mon (18th) Lunch (10am-2pm) and Dinner (5pm-8pm)

                                                                                                      Sat (23rd) Lunch and Dinner (10 am- 8 pm)

Meals are $15 for a starter and a main and you can add dessert for $5 more 🙂 You get a choice of a nice salad or pea soup to start, and for the mains there’s tourtiere, beef bourgeois and a vegetarian crepe. You can phone 204-233-9470 to make reservations, or for more info.

Promenade Cafe is also having a super cool food truck – yet another thing I need to try! It’s a 30 foot truck with 2 windows, so that should really help with the lineups. My kiddo will be excited since she likes any food on a stick – they have bison meatballs and sugar pie on a stick! I think the neatest thing though is the mashed potatoes and pulled pork in a waffle cone! Fun and super convenient for walking around checking out the Festival! Great idea for a meal on the walk. The food truck is open later hours, I have a feeling I’ll be sending my husband over just to pick up a late night snack at least once from it!

Remember that you need a pass to enter the park – these can be bought online or at the gate. I always recommend buying them before as the wait time at the gate can be quite long. If you plan on going more than once it makes more sense to get a 10 day pass too – and you can see all you want to see and then pop in later during the week to check out a show, go tobogganing or even just for a meal. Or for mini donuts as we’ve already done 🙂



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