Grocery flyer deals

13 Feb

Safeway has their weekend only deals: 24 pack of coke for $5.49, bacon for $2.99, bread 4 for $5, scope 2 for $5 etc.

They’re having a big buy one get one free event – there’s tons so always good to check through and see what you have coupons for to max out the savings!!

Airmiles event is campbell’s – buy 6 get 50 airmiles. Goldfish crackers, soup, broth etc.

Also a Kruger airmiles event buy 2 get 50 airmiles or 3 for 80 – purex,spongetowels etc.

Sobey’s is having a mega points event – spend $125 or more and get 1000 club sobey’s points. Lots of sales, most of the deals are extra points. Nothing too amazing, but maybe a good week to rack up some points for a big redemption the next time.

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