Safeway cereal deal!

14 May

Safeway has their cereal deal going on again this week – it’s really a good deal, so thought was worth a post just about it! The Kellogg’s cereals are on 3 for $12 – there’s a pretty big selection of participating cereals. There’s a coupon in the flyer for buy 3 cereals and get a free 4 litre jug of milk – already over $4 in savings! But, look for the boxes with the breakfast promotion on it….you get 1 coupon per box, you order it online from websaver – you can get free bananas, juice, yogourt, tea etc. – anywhere from $2 to i think top one was worth 6 or $7! So buy spending $12, you get a 4 litre jug of milk, 3 boxes of cereal and then 3 free products – well worth it! We’ve done it twice so far, and gotten some v8 fusion drinks, yogourt and a large box of tea, the coupons will come in the mail in a few weeks. Great way to spread the savings too, you get free milk this week and then when the coupons come you knock a chunk of your groceries! 🙂 I know Sobey’s often does the free milk deal too, and it’s amazing when you can find boxes with coupons on them!

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