Time to garden?

14 May

Has everyone planted their gardens yet? Or are you waiting for May long? What are everyone’s favourite garden places, and what did you plant? Any good deals out there?

We planted slowly over the last week, I started most of mine from seeds I ordered from Heritage Harvest seed – was fun to have such a huge selection to choose from. Picked things like mini cucumbers that don’t need to be peeled, and many varieties of tomatoes. I love having a rainbow of colours in our tomato section! 🙂 I picked up some zucchini plants at Jardins St. Leon yesterday, didn’t realized one pot had 3 plants in it – so we might end up with a lot of zucchini! It’s one of our favourites, since you can freeze it, or use it in baking etc. Very versatile and pretty maintenance free. Also tried doing strawberries in one of those upside down baskets – a bit expensive since the baskets take 15-30 plants, and they’re not cheap! Didn’t fill it all the way, might add some herbs at the top – didn’t realize can be used for that too.

Any good deals on soil, fertilizer, garden tools too?

5 Replies to “Time to garden?

  1. Strawberries are perennials so you can keep them for next year too. They would likely need to be planted in the ground to survive though

    • i guess they could be transplanted from hanging topsy turvy thing or whatever it’s called at end of season! 🙂 I probably won’t remember to do it though – just wanted to try one of those since they’re at dollarama now.

    • I’ve never even thought of planting them – was it different than regular potatoes? Let us know how it goes! I’d try that next year I think

  2. I had success last year planting Yukon Old potatoes, but so far this year I haven’t found any seed potatoes at any store. Has anyone found any Yukon Gold seed potatoes anywhere?

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