Old Navy tank top sale!

16 May

Just got a hot tip heard on the radio, couldn’t it on their facebook page. Old Navy is going to be having their $2 tank top sale and $4 shirt sale this weekend for the whole family! 🙂 We went for this sale last year and it was great, stocked up on tanks and tees for a long time! No further details so far as to exact start (probably saturday morning) and there’s usually a limit too.

Did anyone else hear that radio ad? Anyone know when it starts? I’ll post up more when I find it out too

**update – sale starts tomorrow morning – may 17th! 🙂

8 Replies to “Old Navy tank top sale!

    • Good to know! Last year it was pretty crazy, but well worth it! I stocked up on a few years worth of tanks for my daughter. I remember last year it was early start too, not on the weekend.

    • I remember going on the day it started and i don’t remember having a coupon – i think there was a group buying site that had an old navy coupon that worked out for the same time though.

    • I know the tees they said for the whole family, tanks i’m really not sure. I don’t remember there being any guy ones last year at all.

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