One more coupon giveaway!

7 Jan

Hopefully everyone enjoyed the coupon giveaways we did on facebook – now for one last one for now, and it’s going to be just on here. To enter, just comment with any sort of tip, advice, joke anything you want! 🙂

It will be 1 winner and it will be a huge amount of coupons – and you guys know me, I have a lot of coupons! 🙂

Contest open to all Canadians, one entry per person and it will end Monday Jan 9th at noon! Good Luck everyone!

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  1. Please enter me into your coupon giveaway … they are awesome! Here’s my tip … when going to Costco go with a family member or friend … then you can split packages between the two of you and then you don’t have to have so many of one thing in your own home!

  2. kellogs has a “free exercise mat”give away when u purchase any special K items… I ordered mine today!!!!

  3. Don’t forget to check your receipts before you leave the store! Today I checked and had to go back inside. It turns out they forgot to take a sale price ticket down and it wasn’t on sale at all!

  4. Cereal has a coupon for free gas on it 5.00 sorry I can not remember which brand of cereal though…seen it today at ss. Thanks please enter me in this draw i would love to add to my very new collection of coupons! Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!

  5. I’m still learning the ins and outs of couponing, would love to win this so I can learn more! The only tip I have to share is that I’ve put up a “coupon pocket” at work, any extras we have go in the pocket, and everyone can take what they’ll use.

  6. Shopping at Safeways on bonus airmiles days are really worth it! Last year I earned enough airmiles to buy $300 in gift certificates to HBC. The best one was I ended up paying $5 for a $110 stainless steel microwave with a 50 gift card and a 50% off reg price item coupon!

  7. Try to check out the clearance sections of stores – many items you find can be frozen (meat, dairy, bread, etc.) and at 50% off plus any coupons you might have, you can get a great deal! And always bring your coupons with you for those “just in case” moments!
    Thank you Nadine – I have found this site and your facebook page so incredibly helpful on my journey to being more thrifty! It’s wonderful that you share your knowledge! You are a gift!

  8. This one is a goody from my mom. To avoid having to clean you oven as often and when you do only the sides. Give your oven a really good clean then lay aluminum foil on the bottom under the element. When it’s time to clean the bottom of you oven won’t be a nightmare to clean. There’s my tip for the coupon contest. Thanks

  9. I’m going to try and keep track of how much I save with coupons this year on a spreadsheet! It would be nice to see exactly how much I save!! Thanks for the giveaways!

  10. don’t take your plastic (ie. credit card or debit card) with you to the store – use cash…you will stay on budget and save!

  11. My tip is that while giveaways, great deals, etc. are great you are not entitled to win or get said deal. Be happy if you do but be thankful for the chance!!! Greediness is just plain ugly! With that, thanks to you Nadine for all your great giveaways!!!!!

  12. Would love to win need to get my coupon pile started as i havent been couponing much since baby in july! ( besides diapers!)

  13. My tip is anticipate your needs (especially when things are on sale) and stock up when the time is right.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. dont forget to read coupons good as i work at a safeway and alot of people try to use more then one coupon on a funny hey i always have to get my manager to explain things to some people wow ,,,some people say i want to use 6 coupons on tide ya ok cant this is not the states lol

  15. Thanks again Nadine!! I really love our PC Financial Mastercard and earning points from all purchases and extra points by purchasing their gas. We’ve noticed huge savings!

  16. Dispatching her ten-year-old son to pick up a pizza, my sister handed him money and a two-dollar coupon. Later he came home with the pizza, and the coupon. When asked to explain, he replied, “Mom, I had enough money. I didn’t need the coupon.” 🙂

    Thanks for another great giveaway!

  17. Watching parents use money saving skills is a great way for kids to learn sound financial skills for their futures

  18. My tip is always shop with a list or the spending can spiral out of control but try to have a bit of extra cash on you for those great extras or early Christmas gifts found in clearance. My second tip is when you find a great toy on clearance buy it because there will always be another birthday party coming.

  19. keeping your coupons organized helps you save the most possible,AND do not forget your coupons on the kitchen table aaarrrrggggg

  20. There is a bread factory just west of Main street on Pacific ( I believe is the street) that every day around 12:00 the public is allowed in the back door. They give you large clear plastic bags to fill and it is a flat rate for the 1st bag and if you fill 2 it is cheaper per bag. Depending on the day there can be a lot too choose from. I will try and go by there the next time I am in the city and get the full address.

  21. My tip is to mail in your reciepts to the North Dakota border after cross border shopping. You can get your taxes back and it adds up to real money. Thanks for all the giveaways!

  22. my tip – Make sure you put all your coupon savings away in an account. If you don’t put it away, it really isn’t a savings!

  23. I am still new to the world of couponing. Start a coupon train with a few friends in your area, I have gotten a lot of great coupons that way and it is a way to pay forward the ones you won’t use.

  24. My tip is ALWAYS check out the clearance area first in whatever store you shop at. I save money by planning my meals around what I find on sale.

  25. I was wondering if there was a place extra coupons could be left (Library) to do a drop in type of coupon exchange. Could leave them in a box and people could take and leave what they want.

    • All people’s extras coupons are usually mailed off to each other in the coupon chains – or people send them to me to stock the chains and giveaway. I don’t think having a box somewhere would work – one person would be stuck with all these coupons! 🙂 I know for me I move them fast because if not I get stuck with a box of expired coupons. The chains will be back on track this week, so all extras going to those for sure.

    • The Monroe library had a box of coupons on one of the reading area tables at the end of December. ice surprise, and I got a few I was able to stack for significant savings!

      Of course, when it’s in a public area, someone has to be responsible for it. When I went through the box I set aside the ones I saw had expired, and chucked them on my way out. But I wonder how long this will last, and whether it was a trial run? I’ll definitely look for it next time I’m there. I always have way more coupons than I need, and the coupon chain doesn’t come around nearly often enough.

      … side point… blue Twitter bird keeps sitting right where I’m typing, so spell checking is … argh! I want to swat it.

  26. Ask for specials when you order pizza or go to the restaurant. They sometimes have really good deals that you only know about if you ask!

  27. Tip to maximize savings: Unless you’re desperate to buy something, wait for the right combination of coupon and sale price. You can often get stuff for less than 20% of the regular price if you wait for the right combination. And if you have the patience and time, wait for the combination of price match and coupon stack at London Drugs. I only go a few times a year, but it pays for itself. (Watch the expiry dates in their OTC area of the pharmacy, though. Many items I looked at were either expired or almost expried.)

    And… even if it’s virtually free, if you won’t use it before it expires and/or you’re buying it on credit that you can’t pay off when the bill comes in, it’s too expensive!

  28. Cleaned out all my expired coupons and am SHOCKED at how few I have left 🙁 Would love to replenish my supply! Advice for people, check back with great sites like on a regular basis as they are always updating their coupons!

  29. My tip is to always leave the child and hubby home when shopping!! ( If possible) You will get alot more done and spend alot less! lol
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  30. my tip is to shop at Shoppers Drug Mart and join thier optimum points program. Then shop there on 20x the points days. I think there is recent post on here on how to shop there to gain the most points with the least amount of money.
    I was able to save enough points in one year and really only about 6 months of really paying attention to the deals there to receive $625 in free stuff from them on thier Mega redemption day.

  31. My tip is after you buy those dryer sheets on sale and using a coupon make sure you tear them in half before using them. It will more than do the job and will make your box last twice as long!!

  32. Sign up for different stores to price watch certain bigger items, then they will email you when they go on sale and you get a great deal without having to scan all the flyers (especially if the item is not in the flyer).

  33. Never buy anything your not going to use even if it’s the best sale ever-your still spending money and causing clutter in your home! I would love to win some new coupons!

  34. Give yourself a break from spending for a week or more aand eat whatever is in the cupboards/freezer…right down to the Jello 🙂

  35. HELP..did end of year coupon clean-up..and the binder..she is empty!!
    would luv to win, but even if I don’t thanx for all your hard work Nadine and for telling the world that couponing is not a dirty word. good luck fellow couponers.

  36. Tip – If you have the room in your house to store Christmas wrap, bags, bows etc, some Superstores have their Christmas items marked down 90%. Got Disney princess, Pooh and Cars wrapping paper for 34 cents a roll and bags for 14 cents and Disney gifts tags for 14 cents. That was last Thursday at the Polo Park and Pembina locations. Not sure about the other locations

  37. get to know where your favourite stores clearance section is-if you can combine something from there with a coupon you can make off like a bandit

  38. Here’s my tip:
    Earn 100 bonus HBC points everytime you shop at Zellers by taking your own re-useable bag – just make sure you mention both the bag and that you’d like the bonus points.

  39. Would love some coupons! I do the same thing at costco, go with a friend and split everything. Otherwise with a small family sometimes things would go bad before I could even use them.

  40. I am totally new to this couponing experience as of Jan 2, 2012, so I do not have any tips yet but I would love to be entered in for this giveaway if possible?!?!?! I have learned so much from reading your website and just want to thank you for all the work you have done for it!

  41. My tip is remember to watch the prices at the checkout and if it rings in higher than the shelf tag said, ask if they follow the scanning code of practice – you get the item free up to $10 if the price rings up higher! only works on one of the items but they will give you the lower price if you have any others of the same items.
    Also when going to the US, print off coupons at and take a cooler for all the cheap dairy products!

  42. Seeing that this is so early in the New Year, a good idea is to start noting down in your spreadsheet your coupon sales, a list of your coupons, and another spreadsheet keeping a tab on your budget, approx every 2-3 days at most. If you slip up, don’t fret, just think of the 1st of the next month as your next “New Year’s Day Resolution” Day and start all over again at the place you left off. It doesn’t seem so daunting if you break it down in segments vs a whole year thing.

  43. Here’s my Tip!
    I re- use old mail envelopes. I make my grocery list on the back of the envelope and then stuff my corresponding coupons inside the envelope , and just like that I’m ready to save some cash, with my list and coupons ready available.

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