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7 Jan

We did this before with mechanics and it was a huge help – it’s still getting comments and lots of reads. Figuring we might as well do it for a wider range – a go to guide of sorts.

Post them up, what are your fave mechanics, best library to go to, restaurants,  clothing stores, car washes – you name it, what are the best places to check out across the province.

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  1. I know people aren’t shopping for hot tubs on a daily basis so this won’t help everyone. Spaworks on St.James has the best customer service. They seem to always be friendly, remember your name and always answer all your questions. We bought our hot tub over 4 years ago and are still happy with the service we receive. We have had our tub moved, speakers fixed and both were speedy and pleasurable experiences! If u go there tell them Rhonda and Chris sent you and Shawn and Christian will gladly answer all your questions.

  2. We go to Winnipeg Beach all the time in the summer and LOVE The Breakwater for hard ice cream and iced lattes! They are right across from the Boardwalk sign so it’s a quick run up from the beach!

  3. I absolutely MUST share my favorite place to get my hair done. Urban Shear, way out on Portage near the perimeter. Glennis and Amber. I don’t go anywhere else. The price is amazing, I can’t believe they don’t charge more for their services, they are so sweet, and they do a phenomenal job every time. And right from the start they remembered me (and my 6 year old daughter who I take there too!). I get my hair cut and dyed and always get fabulous ego-boosting compliments about it… they always listen carefully and ask questions and give feedback to make sure you walk away happy. Can’t say enough great stuff about them!

    • Oh, and they often give me trials of stuff to try for me and my daughters! Oils, shampoos and conditioners, etc. and they always give me styling tips!

  4. Good and cheap car wash on Waverley and near McGillivray, still uses the loonie in the wand style wash…its the Esso straight across Waverley from Clarence Ave… just looks like a gas station but has a car wash in the rear area. You have to open the door yourself but it is always quiet and you can wash right away. I can wash my car for $2 fast and get out of there, and the owners seem like a very nice family.

    • For some reason for me too, if the people seem nice, or a nice family it encourages me to shop there a lot more. When it’s the opposite and the family doesn’t get along or isnt’ nice (had that problem) I never shop there again.

  5. I like Rainbow Carwash on Portage, it’s the old loonie/toonie style and the owner is really friendly. They also have a laundromat so while I’m washing clothes I can go wash my car. When it’s not busy they let you stay inside to dry your car and even clean it if you want to.

  6. West Kildonan Auto on Main St. Mostly because my uncle owns it so I don’t have to worry that I am getting ‘one pulled over one me’. But his shop is very reputable and the guys there are great and take pride.
    Once Upon a Child has become my favorite kids clothes store – it has topped out Moms and Children’s for me and I much prefer to go there to swap in my used clothes that I don’t hand down.
    I love BJs super toys on Nairn for their selection of toys that are great for buying for kids birthday parties. I can easily find a gift for a girl or boy for $10 or less. Not to mention party stuff for my kids parties.

    And, of course, No Bake Shower Cake. Because I own it and I think it’s a great idea to have such wonderful shower gifts (or other gifts) that make such a lasting impressions that I have had many recipients (family) who still have not taken apart a towel cake for their new towels because they love it so much!!!

  7. For lovely smelling scented candles and melts, local handmade products, Hartmont candles at The Forks in Johnson Terminal. Love their stuff! The candles don’t have that chemically smell that some scented candles do. Lana is the owner and chief candlemaker!

  8. For “cheap” chocolate, baking supplies, cookies, and the last time I was there I noticed door locks (!) check out Leader General Jobbers at 279 Sutherland. Just make sure you check the expiry dates (while for the right price I might personally eat chocolates that expired months ago I wouldn’t give them as a gift).

  9. Got to try NBS Apparel, very nice snowboard/surf brands of clothes. I know there are a couple of stores like this out there but Jay will give you the best customer service! Love buying my songs volcom/quicksilver/hurley clothes there.

  10. Sunrisemosaics.ca makes absolutely beautiful scrabble tile jewellery as well as AMAZING cakes that are not only beautiful but taste outta this world!!! I cannot recommend her enough!

  11. Best oriental food – Hungs Garden Restaurant on Nairn – just west of KP, right behind Burger King (sorry forgot the name of the mall). It is the freshest and best tasting oriental food I have found in the city.

  12. Great mechanic is Red Bearing on St. James Street. The guys specialize in British & European cars. I have a Jaguar and they charge $30 less per hour than the dealership. They explain everything and show me the old parts. This makes me feel more comfortable about the repairs as I don’t know a thing about cars. When I can’t afford to fix everything at once, they will let me know what’s most important and advise how long I can let the other stuff slide.

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