Coupon chains – clean sweep

8 Jan

A lot of the old chains were missing or had ended, and there were so many new people wanting to join up so I am starting them all over! Lots of areas needed a 2nd or 3rd chain too – so none of these are too large. Here they are:

u of m# 2 – laura, laurel, june, michelle, earlene, sheri

u of m#1 – kristin, joanne, barb, jenna, annie, rebecca, tracy

transcona – jeannette, gladys, katrina, sheri, crystal, karine, silvia, kelly

st vital #3 – jennifer, ira, deb, renata, shelley, leslie, rachel, lauren

st vital #2 – lori, nancy, tara, donna, lori-ann, shamara, jennifer, violeta, le, sandra

st vital #1 – wendy, victoria, kelly, sandra, laurel, carmelina, abbie, lauren, stephanie

polo park #2 – tracy, megan, patricia, laura, justina, jennifer

polo park – tanya, tessa, coleene, michelle, sarah, debbie, wai-leng

charleswood – crystal, pam, juanita, tracy, alison

east kildonan – mackenzie, rick, diane, carrie, jenn, jodie, jo, lora, danielle, misty

garden city/west k#2 – christine, casie, carla, dawn, julia, chantal

garden city/west k#1 – m kuusela, debby, mandi, bernadette, jennifer, kim, catia

grant park – irene, heidi, charlene, alana, j mowat, natalie, rebecca, sandra, rachel, leah, shawna

out of province – carrie, tennille, josee

outside wpg #3 – amanda, carolyn, conny, sharlene, leigh, michelle, julie, michelle, darci

outside wpg#2 – karyn, emma, janelle, melanie, meagan, lori, michelle, stacey, dawn-marie

outside wpg – carrie, jackie, leanne, tracy, tricia, ashley, kathryn, evelyn

steinbach – tess, andrea, dayna, angela, jenn, stephanie, cherise, tricia, shannon

Remember to update on the site when you get it, and who you are sending it to, when etc.  Let’s keep these ones moving! 🙂

12 Replies to “Coupon chains – clean sweep

    • I kept them all pretty slim so it wouldn’t be a total panic attack at the post office! So, i am stamping them myself and will pop them in the mail tomorrow. Have never mailed so many at once – fingers crossed!

  1. used to be in one of the outside of Wpg chains, but I see I have been deleted – never really took much out but often had lots to add – oh well…

  2. I mailed out the steinbach chain yesturday _ life got in the way here and i meant to do it a long time ago – but i added some great coupons 🙂

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