Meet our 5th Manitoban Blogger – The Baking Beauties

13 Dec

Jeanine Friesen, the author of “The Everything Guide to Living Gluten-Free”, is a recipe developer and freelance food writer from Manitoba, Canada.  Her blog, The Baking Beauties, is a collection of gluten-free recipes that have helped her sustain a normal life after the diagnosis of Celiac disease.  Jeanine truly believes that no one should have to go without, and has done what she can to help others fill the void that the gluten-free diet can cause.

1-      When did you start blogging? 2008

2-      What exactly made you start blogging?  My friend & I both enjoyed cooking and sharing recipes, and she suggested we start a blog. I had never heard of a blog before that. 🙂

3-      What motivates you to keep going? I love hearing about children and families that are able to enjoy their old family favorites even though they can not eat gluten anymore.

4-      Favourite post ever? The Best Gluten-free Cinnamon Buns (Or Rolls if you prefer)

5-      What is the direction you are heading in with your blog? I will continue to create easy & delicious gluten-free recipes that will give anyone the confidence they need when working in the kitchen.

6-      Tips for new bloggers? Be yourself, and don’t compare yourself with other bloggers. Also, follow proper blogger etiquette and don’t take anything from any other blogs before getting permission.

7-      What do you want people to know about you? I wrote a book! It is called “The Everything Guide to Living Gluten-free”, and although it includes over 100 recipes, it is much more than a cookbook. It is a ‘how to’ guide for those switching over to living a gluten-free life. It is now available for pre-order through Chapters and Amazon, and will be shipping in March 2013.

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