Chicken Soup for the Soul, The gift of Christmas – Review and Giveaway

13 Dec

giftChicken Soup for the Soul has another great holiday book – The Gift of Christmas. This one is a huge collection of all types of holidays stories. This is a fun one, lots of funny stories about family stuff, people’s traditions, all kinds of christmas miracles and just the general heartwarming types of stories you get in other Chicken Soup books! 🙂

This is a great book as a gift – but also to get in a holiday mood. Good one for leading up to the holidays for sure – or for people who like to reflect on the holidays year round! A lot of these stories are great to read to the kids too – good idea to mark the pages to read them to them later.

2 lucky people will each be winning their own copy of this book – to enter to win comment below with a holiday memory or tip etc.  Giveaway open to all Canadians and will end tuesday dec. 18th at noon! Good Luck everyone.

16 Replies to “Chicken Soup for the Soul, The gift of Christmas – Review and Giveaway

  1. Holiday Tip: don’t have a drinking contest on Christmas eve if you have children and need to wake up early the next morning with the kids – Unless you never wake up with a hang over 🙂

    -This tip has been brought to you by an experienced Holiday Drinking Champion 😛

  2. I love to remember the many times my 5 brothers and sisters and all of our family’s
    would gather at our mothers for Christmas..We had so much fun! So many people, so much laughter, noise and good times! So many little (and big!) joyful faces to see Christmas was Priceless!

  3. My favorite Christmas memory was the year my grandparents gave me a 3 foot high, gigantic smurf! It was the biggest present under the tree, I LOVED the smurfs (admit I still do!). What makes it even sweeter now is that my daughter loves the smurfs as much as I did. All these years later I remember the magic of that special day…..all because of a smurf! lol!!!!

  4. Would have to be last Christmas when my girls saw the presents under the tree on Christmas morning. The look on their face was priceless.

  5. My favorite memories involve my childhood Christmases at my grandmother’s house. She decorated her home beautifully and we all had to wait in the hall while she arranged all the presents under the tree (and around the room, there were so many!). She rang a bell when she was done, signalling that we could enter.

  6. I remember the year my dad had had a heart attack, things were really tight, my mom was working 3 jobs trying to keep us a float. My mom and dad spent countless hours making us three girls a great big doll house with all homemade furniture. I also go a cradle for my dolls (which I still have)

  7. i remember going to mid-night mass and coming home to a presents under the tree. we would also go to family, friends house and sing xmas carols. But visiting grandma at the nursing home and sing xmas carols was always my favourite because it made everyone smile (even if we didnt sing good) lol

  8. I loved having all the family at my mom’s for Christmas we had to finish having lunch and clean up before opening the Christmas presents. Talk about patience. But the part I miss the most were all the “discussions/arguments” that we had.

  9. I love taking a picture of the Christmas tree on Christmas eve after the kids have gone to bed and everything is set up perfectly 🙂 You know the second they wake up the whole living room will look destroyed for days!

  10. Just take the time to enjoy family and friends…we get stressed out running around frantically trying to get everything done. It doesn’t matter if it’s perfect, it just matters that you spend time together.

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