Safeway email direct coupons

14 Dec

Here are this week’s Email Direct coupons – eggnog for 99 cents, deals on ribs, apples and bread. bonus airmiles on turkey breast, discount on carlton cards.

No spend $100 get 100 or anything like that so far this week.

I don’t drink eggnog, tried it as a kid and didn’t like it. Wanted to try it this year, and thinking the 99 cent variety not the way to go – any good recipes or brands to try?

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  1. Just make sure you check the nutritional info. Lucerne has a lot of fat as they put cream in this stuff. I got one at Walmart that was a lot lower in fat.

    The best one I’ve ever had was from Booster Juice. It’s basically the Lucerne regular nog with a banana in it.

    • Might be worth it to load a card for $25 and get a free one then. Post cereals have a Booster Juice BOGO coupon printed on the box so I’m going to be using the card up quick as soon as I finish my cereals.

      • good idea with loading up the card! they told us at the store about the coupons on the boxes of cereal, but didn’t find any around here with the coupons on them 🙁

    • oh yeah, forgot about that one! safeway sent one out midweek too, but was only good for a day or two. They’re spreading things out again in too many places, super inconvenient.

    • I think I saw a pile of the Buy $100 get 100 AM at the Safeway Customer Service counter this morning. Check there! Sometimes the checkers have them at their counters also.

  2. Do NOT try the Superstore brand of Eggnog… Made that mistake once and will never do it again! There’s something wrong when Eggnog doesn’t have to be refrigerated prior to opening and has a few months as a shelf life!

    Best way for an Eggnog is 1 shot of spiced rum, 1/2 shot kalua, ice and eggnog to the top, then stir in a bit of Nutmeg… Christmas in a glass!

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