Flyer deals

21 Jun

Sobey’s has their big deal – top sirloin steak for 3.77 lb.  Lots of deals for bbq and deli items.

Superstore has spend $250 and get a 78-96 load bottle of Tide. They’re having 2 day sales on friday and saturday, a 12 pack of water, or raspberries or a 2l pop are all 97 cents.  for $1 you get a pack of kleenex wipes, crest toothpaste and a few others. For 2$ you can get a bag of soil, Tostitos or dole salad.

Safeway has their friday only deals – boxes of chicken breast for 25.48, listerine for $5, nectarines are 5 for 5$, deli chicken breast is 99 cents per 100g., cookie pack of 50 are $5 and butter is 2 for $5. Safeway has Mio water enhancers 2 for $5, tons of coupons out for that and if you buy 2 you get a free 12 pack of water.

2 Replies to “Flyer deals

  1. The flyers used to come on Wednesdays. Now, if I’m lucky I might get them on Thursday but they usually come on Fridays now. NOt so convenient when you want to stop and get groceries on the way home from work on Friday. Is it the same all around the city or just in my neighborhood?? I don’t even know who to contact about that.

    • you can call flyer advantage about it – i get some in the free press most days, and my bundle sometimes comes thursday, sometimes not at all.

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