Gap Big Sale

20 Jun

Today only at the Gap, for 25 hours you can get 25% off your purchase! Online use the code GAPC25HOURĀ  – instore you need the email and the cashier enters the same code. If you didn’t get the email, can just ask them to enter the code.

Did anyone order online today? Any good deals?

2 Replies to “Gap Big Sale

  1. All these stores are offering discounts, but for the most part, I’m holding out for the mid-July – August clearance sales at a lot of retailers. Most of the “discounts” stores are offering now just aren’t good enough, unless you need something to wear right now. I seem to buy kids’ clothes most often, but I wait for the really good prices (like $3.50 an item) to stock up on bigger sizes. Last year, I was able to do most of my Christmas shopping in July at about 75% off most of the items, and most of it was fall/winter stuff.

    I’m waiting for July for Marks Work Warehouse, too… last year they had B1G1 clearance. I also have one of those bonus savings cards from the gift card promo.

    Unless you really need something, or you really love something and your size is likely to be hard to find later, don’t get drawn in by the stores right now. The best is yet to come. February and July are the amazing shopping months.

  2. Totally agree to this. There will be better sales as the summer starts. And back to school sales starts coming in August

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