Disney’s Brave 3D – great family film!

24 Jun

 We were super excited to get to go see the premiere of the new Disney film, Brave last week in 3D – I am now hooked on 3D films! The story focuses on a princess named Merida in Scotland, but this isn’t your typical princess! She’s a great archer, loves to ride her horse, spend time outside – not the usual princess at all!

There are many lessons to be learned in this film, a lot focusing on the mother/daughter dynamics and it was really well done. A lot of great sentiment for the adults, and lots of fun for the kids.

I have to admit, my 6 year old was terrified of the commercials – the big bear really scared her! She was scared several times during the film, she actually yelled outloud at one point, and covered her eyes a few times. Once the film was over she never mentioned the scary parts again – guess it’s her first time realizing it can be really fun to be scared during a movie!

The 3D was amazing, you got to see a lot of beautiful Scottish countryside and I found myself forgetting it was even a cartoon, was easy to lose yourself in the time period and story. My #1 thing with kids films now is how many kids in the theatre get bored, or how many bathroom breaks etc. people take – for this premiere I don’t think I saw anyone actually leave the entire time! Pretty impressive, since most of us were in our seats 30-45 minutes before the movie started. It was great to hear the kids laugh, and squeal or scream during the scary times. Everyone in the crowd was really enjoying the film.

Without giving away too much of the story, it’s a great film for the whole family. Boys and girls seemed to enjoy it just as much, and for me I loved having a princess who was tough and could really handle herself, but who still really loved her family, tradition and wanted the best for everyone. Merida is a great role model for boys and girls alike! It’s always fun to see films as a family, when everyone enjoys it and the parents aren’t just there for supervision.

Did anyone else go see Brave this weekend? It’s playing at local theatres now, perfect film for the end of the school year outings!

5 Replies to “Disney’s Brave 3D – great family film!

  1. I went with my almost five year old and she didn’t like it. She said it was very scary and cried through half of it. I liked it but looks like ‘Tangled’ will still be the favourite in our household.

    • Awww, that’s sad. That’s why I wanted to include that it was scary – no one seems to be talking about that. I’d rather know in advance if my kiddo will be scared or not. Tangled is my daughter’s favourite too!

  2. Thanks for writing this review Nadine! I was contemplating taking my 5-year old, 2 year old and 3 month old to the Stars and Strollers showing this week, but since you said that your 6 year old was scared, I know for SURE my two daughters would be scared too! Deciding against it this week!

    • No problem meagan, I always like to be honest. Could be a treat day out alone for the 5 year old, something like that instead. All kids are different of course, but we usually can figure out how our kids will react. I’m glad she stuck it out though, she ended up loving it and now talks about all the good stuff and laughs about how silly she was about the scary stuff. Guess she’s never really seen anything scary though…

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