Enter to win a Daring Diva Purses Gift set!

12 Jul

purses  Our final giveaway in our week of celebration is a great one from Daring Diva Purses!

One lucky person will be winning the 2 purses shown and a scarf that goes with both of them – perfect way to add to any outfit! And the purses are big enough for all your summer necessities 🙂 They are local and have a great selection, you’ll see them set up at all kinds of local places, like the Ex, Rodeo in Selkirk and all kinds of other summer favourites!

Here are your ways to enter:

1 – Comment with why you need a new purse

2 – Like Daring Diva Purses on facebook and comment that you did so

3 – Put the link to this giveaway as your facebook status and comment that you did so

4 – Tweet out the link to this giveaway and comment that you did so.

Giveaway will end Sunday July 19th at noon – Good Luck everyone! And make sure to read the rules.


110 Replies to “Enter to win a Daring Diva Purses Gift set!

  1. Liked on Facebook, Posted the give-away on my facebook wall, and tweeted the give-away Thanks for all the fabulous prizes and to all the local companies.

  2. I need a nice purse because I am not very good at picking purses, and i would like a stylish one! (I just don’t have good fashion taste) so i would love the Daring Diva to
    have a very stylish one! (i never hear “oh, i love your purse!” LOL)

  3. I NEED a new purse because…my daughter borrowed mine, wrecked it, and you know is not gonna replace it! This way I could give her her own!

  4. Liked on Facebook and posted the give-away on my facebook wall
    I need a new purse because I’m a new mom and I’m learning that a baby means I need storage with me at all times : )

  5. I love Daring Diva Purses,in fact the purse I am using right now is from Julie!! Would love another one as finances are very tight and I haven’t been able to treat myself for a long time. Already liked on Facebook.

  6. To be honest… I don’t ‘need’ a new purse – but I would ‘love’ a new purse. These are gorgeous purses – to say nothing about the scarf (gorgeous).

  7. I need a new purse for the fall…..I don’t have a nice classic black purse that goes with everything!

  8. I need a new purse (or two) because I’m reclaiming my womanhood back 🙂 After toting around various diaper bags for the past 9 years, it’s time to accessorize with something for me!

    Great giveaway.

  9. so I have tweeted and liked them on Facebook as I love supporting local businesses.
    Why I want to win these purses?? Would love to treat my amazing mother to a beautiful gift as she has worked hard her whole life and she is retiring soon and deserves it!
    Thank you!

  10. I really NEED a new purses. I wish I could post a picture of my current purse collection. Three have broken straps. One has a hole at the bottom of the pocket so small things disappear into the lining never to be found. And one is stained blue from rubbing against my jeans.

    I am currently using a purse from 1995 that I found that the back of my closet. 1995!!!!!!

  11. 1) I need a new purse because the one I have is falling apart. There are holes in the pockets that my keys keep slipping into, which always makes me panic when I’m at my door…you’d think I’d know better than to panic, but I don’t!

    2) Liked on facebook!

  12. I could use a new purse because I haven’t purchased a new one in…holy crap 10 years. My sister is constantly telling me to get a new one. It’s from old navy… I need a new one.

  13. I have a hole at the bottom of my purse! I thought I was going crazy with the amount of pens and chap sticks that kept going missing LOL.

  14. I need a new purse cause my current one is seriously falling apart. I always buy myself hand me downs and I would just love to experience a beautiful new purse for once :).

  15. I need a new purse because who doesnt like a new purse!
    I have a pink roxy one that is 2 years old its time for new.

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