Let’s Celebrate 15,000 facebook members with some giveaways!

7 Jul

DSC_0008-Edit(2)  If you’re part of our Facebook group you’ll know that we just reached a pretty big milestone, 15,000 members! If you’re in Manitoba and not part of the group, come on over and join! 🙂

And there’s no better way to celebrate than with some great local giveaways!

I’ll be posting the first one up shortly, and will keep it going with one a day for a while!

Here are the rules for the giveaways – you have to be in Manitoba to enter and win. Some of the prizes might be local pickup too. All the ways to enter will be in the posts and super easy to follow. And of course you need to be a member of the group to win!

I want to thank everyone for such a fun group, it’s become such a great resource on all sorts of topics. Always nice to have 15 thousand people available to share tips, answer questions and all kinds of great advice. And big thanks to all of the admins who help run the group and keep things going smoothly!

If you’re a local company and want to sponsor a giveaway email me. Good Luck to everyone and have fun!

3 Replies to “Let’s Celebrate 15,000 facebook members with some giveaways!

  1. Hello Nadine,
    Sent you a message last week and have not heard back from you yet.
    I am a holistic arts practitioner and would love to give you some free gift certificates for
    Hand Aroma Touch / Brain Wave Entrainment sessions 🙂
    I want to send you a pdf ‘sample’ of the gift certs.

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