Costco Markdown Monday Deals on August 29th!

29 Aug

Today is Markdown Monday at Costco – here are some deals I found at the Regent location in Winnipeg. These deals are completely different items from store to store, so check out your local store to see what you can find. Make sure to read up on the dates and more info about MarkDown Monday to be ready for next month!

IMG_20160829_100224_edit IMG_20160829_100258_edit IMG_20160829_100311 IMG_20160829_100334 IMG_20160829_100343 IMG_20160829_100429_edit IMG_20160829_100535 IMG_20160829_100611_edit IMG_20160829_100647 IMG_20160829_100707_edit IMG_20160829_101101_edit IMG_20160829_101108 IMG_20160829_101128 IMG_20160829_101146_edit IMG_20160829_101155_edit IMG_20160829_101441_edit IMG_20160829_101546_edit IMG_20160829_101715_edit IMG_20160829_101834_edit IMG_20160829_101843_edit IMG_20160829_101915_edit IMG_20160829_101923_edit IMG_20160829_102228_edit IMG_20160829_102531_edit IMG_20160829_102539_edit IMG_20160829_102557_edit IMG_20160829_102610_edit IMG_20160829_102625_edit IMG_20160829_104236_edit IMG_20160829_104306_edit

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