Costco Canada Markdown Mondays – What you need to know!

3 Aug


Every 4th Monday Costco has a special sale where they mark down items. Monday October 24th was the last one, so next is Nov. 21st, Dec. 19th and so on. If you plan on shopping this sale, it’s worth taking a minute to figure it out and mark it on the calendar.

Items are on crazy sale – but there’s no discount listed or anything highlighted so you really have to look through the store. The sales are completely different from store to store – it’s almost like a bit of treasure hunt.

What you need to look for is the price ending in .97 – that means it’s been marked down. A star in the corner means that the product is on it’s way out – what’s left in the store is what’s left, so stock up if it’s a favourite item.

You can also look for the giant crowds around certain items – most of it moves very, very quickly. And once these markdowns are gone, that’s it. It’s not a regular sale or restocked.

You can get some amazing deals on all kinds of things in the store, from shoes and clothing to household goods. There’s no set amount for the discounts either, some are a few dollars off – some the items are just a few dollars after the discount. You can get clothing for just a few dollars a piece which is amazing!

And since we’re heading into the holiday season soon enough, these markdown Mondays are a great time to get a jump on the holiday shopping list! I remember last year they often super discounted toys, before I realized there was a system to it. If you have the time to head down when they open on those Mondays it’s well worth it – otherwise you can try sending someone in your place and just give them your sizes or things you’re looking for.

Often the discounted clothing is just really specific sizes too – this week they had Speedo runners for $7 a pair, but only in ladies size 6 and 7. Or they’ll have shorts or shirts but only small, or large etc.  You really have to look around to find what you want, but great if you want to score some big deals.

Just remember that it’s not the same at any store, at all. You can’t head to another location to find the same deal if they run out, but you’ll probably find some great deals on entirely different items.

What have been your best Markdown Monday deals so far? What items would you love to find discounted?

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    • I would think they’re the same there. You’ll just have to check it out on the next one and see. Then count every 4th monday from then.

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