Costco Unadvertised Deals of the week starting August 29th!

29 Aug

IMG_20160829_101358_edit IMG_20160829_101634_edit IMG_20160829_101737_edit IMG_20160829_101751_edit IMG_20160829_102823_edit IMG_20160829_102940_edit IMG_20160829_103114_edit IMG_20160829_103157 IMG_20160829_103305_edit IMG_20160829_103335_edit IMG_20160829_103339_edit IMG_20160829_103407_edit IMG_20160829_103452_edit IMG_20160829_103549_edit IMG_20160829_103604_edit IMG_20160829_103612_edit IMG_20160829_103619_edit IMG_20160829_103625_edit IMG_20160829_103652_edit IMG_20160829_103812_edit IMG_20160829_103816_edit_edit IMG_20160829_103832_edit IMG_20160829_103839_edit IMG_20160829_104021_edit IMG_20160829_104137_editHere are the deals from the Costco on Regent in Winnipeg – they should be the same at most other stores too. Lots of big sales, and stay tuned for the Markdown Monday deals coming shortly.

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