Zellers Moonlight Madness

25 Aug

Zellers is having Moonlight Madness on Friday – which means the store is closed from 5-6pm, then reopens at 6pm until 11pm. If there’s a hot item expect a lineup outside the store and people running to where the sale is. … Read More »

Flyer deals

25 Aug

I like the days when my flyers are thicker than the Free Press! 🙂 Safeway has bogof on peanut butter, jam, nutella etc.  There’s a frozen food airmiles event – buy 10 earn 100 airmiles. Includes mccains fries 3 for 10$ (lots of coupons for … Read More »

Safeway E-Auction

24 Aug

Has anyone bid or ordered anything off the Safeway e-Auction site so far? If you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s a site where you can use your airmiles to bid on a bunch of stuff, like gift cards, electronics etc. … Read More »

Gymboree Sales

22 Aug

Gymboree has their Halloween costumes 20% off and some previously reduced items are an extra 20% off too. Great idea if you want to stock up for next summer – get an extra 20% off coupon from Parents magazine and … Read More »