Grocery flyer deals

16 Jan

Safeway has some weekend only deals – McCain pizzas are $4, fresh whole frying chicken for $9, blackberries are $2, signature cafe bbq chicken for $7.50, Tampax and Always are bogof.

Rest of the week there’s a Royale airmiles event – buy 3 get 80 airmiles. Includes tissue, paper towels.

Some bogof deals – swanson frozen dinners, dare bear paws etc.

Sobeys has a lot of deals for Chinese New Year – sales on all types of Asian products.

Lots of bogof deals, pork chops, salad kits, astro yogourt, schneiders country naturals chicken strips, castello blue cheese, tortillas, compliments chocolate chips, compliments shredded cheese, cottage cheese, simply steam veggies, pop, hamburger helper, cracker barrel cheese slices and much more.

Sensations Italian Soda is on sale for $2.79, we love these!! Brought a pomegranate one for xmas dinner for my grandma and everyone ended up skipping the wine and drinking that.

With all these bogof deals it’s really worth walking the store – there’s probably a lot more in store too. Lots of great deals!

Meal deal of the week is One whole Chicken or Maple Cured ham, 2 compliments salads and one compliments two bite brownies for $14.

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