#BellLetsTalk – Guest post by Chantal Wiebe

28 Jan

Mental health is an uphill battle because we don’t see mental health.

We only see mental illness. And what it costs us.

In tax dollars. And crimes. And premature deaths.

And we let them have it. We don’t buy their excuses. We imprison them. We exclude them. We shame them.

Because it makes us feel better. Safer.

And then, we turn around and re-elect our politicians. To feel safer. And better.

But they have cost us too.

In tax dollars, crimes, and premature deaths.

I guess not all excuses are created equal.

But neither are brains. And we’ve forgotten that a great many of our greatest scientists, historic leaders, and inspiring change makers were given beautiful minds, full of bends and breaks.

We cannot continue to punish those at the mercy of systematic errors while promoting the people who lead the system.

We cannot have it both ways. The cost is too great.

Join us today for #BellLetsTalk – every text, tweet and RT raises money for mental health.

Chantal Wiebe, MEd is a School Psychologist and writer. She is a post-partum depression survivor who speaks on modern parenting, education and mental health. She is the regional Manitoba leader for Healthy Minds Canada (@Healthy_Minds) Find her at www.chantalwiebe.ca

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