Brandsaver and Redplum coupons in today’s Free Press

13 Aug

Brandsaver and Redplum coupons are in this weekend’s paper – if you see it in stores post where and if it was in the Sun or Free Press.

Brandsaver is very similar to the one online. Redplum didn’t have too much in it – thinnest one in a while.

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  1. I spoke with Derek, the manager at London Drugs. The wording on the new P&G Brandsaver coupons is preventing them from being stackable at the moment. Just an fyi for those stackers out there. He said he is waiting to get some clarification and will know definitely on Monday afternoon. Essentially if it says “Use of more than one manufacturer coupon per product purchased is strictly prohibited.” it’s a no-go.

  2. Yep.. happened to me today 🙁
    Hope they decide to keep stacking… at least until someone is potty trained.. lol

  3. I have never seen the redplum before and so picked up 3 different papers, 1 free press at a safeway and 2 sun (complimentary) at mcdonalds – no coupons. It only comes in some papers? I was so excited to get them, and then so disappointed that there wasn’t any coupons!

    Is there a better chance of getting them with a subscription? It’s $2.50/paper for the Free press weekend edition, so in a month I need to be able to save at least $10 a month for it to be worth it that way!


    • Depends on how many of the coupons you’d use – you’ll usually get 1 or 2 inserts per month at least. We get the paper delivered daily, lots of flyers and extra stuff in there, and we enjoy reading the paper (and seeing contest winners).

    • I always buy mine at the Dollarama here in Portage and they always have the coupon books in them (I forgot to get them yesterday). At Dollarama the Sat edition of the Free Press is only $1.50

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