Brandsaver coupons are up!

12 Aug

Thanks to Carolyn for posting it up in our facebook group! The new Brandsaver coupons are up – you can get 32 coupons and there’s a pretty big selection of stuff. These usually aren’t stackable anymore but I like having them – you never know what you’ll find on clearance! 🙂

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  1. These particular coupons (P&G) – are they normally in the paper as an insert THE SAME DAY they come out on the internet (in this case Aug 12) OR on Saturday and Sunday following (Aug 13 and/or Aug 14)?

    I already have the schedules for the other coupon inserts but not sure how and when these show up in our newspapers. Any help is appreciated.

    • The brandsaver will be in this weeks flyers – if you don’t get those and get the free press delivered they will be in tomorrow’s paper.

  2. Thanks Nadine for your reply. I will check today.

    Also re the Brandsaver internet coupons. You can get all 69 coupons (I think it is), but only 32 at a time. So if you request 32, 32, and the balance as 3 transactions, you can get them all. Many people are commenting that there were glitches, ie freezes up our computers, gives us crazy computer msgs back, etc. But have to be patient and keep on trying, logging in, loggint out until you get the entire batch of coupons.

    That exact same thing happened to me re glitches, log on, off, on, off, until I got the entire set of coupons on there.

    • I never had any problems at all. I ordered them all, in groups of 32. But maybe that was because I ordered mine before most people seemed to know they were available yet.

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