Xylitol products – Review and giveaway

8 Feb

If you’re like I was, you’re probably wondering what Xylitol is…It’s an all natural sweetner. It’s naturally occuring in a lot of fruits and vegetables, and once it’s extracted it basically looks and tastes like regular sugar. Well, without all the bad parts 🙂 

It’s safe for diabetics, it has a lot less calories if you’re watching your weight – and it actually has some amazing health benefits.

It’s been clinically proven to inhibit plaque and dental cavities by 80%, can help get rid of infections, and it actually helps kids get rid of ear infections. The list of health benefits is long and really surprising – worth a read through to see if any of them apply to you. I know we are all trying to stay more green and natural – and be healthy doing it.

We tried out a package of the “sugar” type of it – I used it in coffee and didn’t notice much of a taste difference, so I think it would be an easy switch for people. You use it in the exact same amount too, which is convenient, nothing to calculate or figure out.

We also tried out some mints and gum. Watermelon was a big hit with kiddo and the husband (i don’t like that flavour) – My husband said it was the best tasting watermelon flavour, it tasted real. I’ve been eating the mint flavoured ones and I really like them – they’re not too minty and they don’t taste odd or have any weird aftertaste – which is what I was honestly expecting. I really like the box, and that the mints are not huge – I’ve been on the same container for a few weeks and haven’t made a dent in it. Says there’s 100 in there, seems like a lot more to me. The gum just tastes like regular gum. Kids think it’s a treat – and they’re getting all that good stuff in it 🙂

I think this is a great switchover for those with diabetes, wanting to lose weight – or completely eliminate sugar from their diets. And if your kids often get ear infections, give the gum a try – their lab results for them are amazing. Anything to avoid those in kids is great!

xylitol One lucky person will be winning an assortment of Xylitol products – includes a box of 100 count packets, a ketchup and 4 assorted mints and candy.

To enter, check out Xylitol‘s site and comment with which health benefit appeals to you the most.

For a 2nd entry, follow them on twitter and comment here seperately that you did so.

Giveaway open to all Canadians and will end Tuesday Feb. 12th at noon!

And if you’re interested in trying any of the Xylitol family of products, they’re available at SunRise Health Foods stores across the city – and check their site for a full list, they’re actually in several stores across the province – and online too 🙂

Good Luck everyone!

35 Replies to “Xylitol products – Review and giveaway

  1. It’s a toss up between the weight loss and dental benefits for me! The research on the long term dental benefits shows great potential. Ten years later and still benefiting from it? That’s amazing!

  2. My husband was recently diagnosed with diabetes and we’ve been looking for alternatives to sugar, so this would be great.

  3. Weight loss… Had never heard of the product before and am a bit skeptical about how “good” it seems for you however. Would love to try before buying.

  4. Hi – just a heads-up if your winner happens to be a pet-owner. I just learned this as part of research I was doing at work around products for dogs. Xylitol is toxic for dogs, so if Rover got into any of these items it could be very dangerous, and perhaps not something a pet owner might pinpoint as a cause if their happened to eat some and fell ill. http://www.snopes.com/critters/crusader/xylitol.asp

    • Goes along with not feeding your pet human food…so many are bad for them, onions, grapes, chocolate etc. etc. Can be hard when you have a dog that begs, just a good habit to start from the beginning for sure. It’s amazing how many are bad for them – also cats, birds and so on.

  5. My dentist just told me about this product because I have some cavaties, I need it for the dental benifits!!! ME ME ME!!!!
    Thanks NAdine

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