Big coupon giveaway!!

8 Feb

I have a lot of coupons to share – so time for another giveaway! The winners of this one will each get a nice envelope of grocery coupons – I know the winners of the last one were super happy with them! 🙂 (especially Carolyn – who got some great deals)

I’m always trying to think of random ways to enter for these to make it fun, so here goes:

Try and guess what one of the top 5 search words for my site are – what did people google to find me? Not counting save money in winnipeg etc. of course…that would just be too easy! You can enter once a day, so think of a good one! I picked the top 5 search words for the last 30 days and wrote them down…and if there’s multiple entries for the same winning entry I’ll pick the first one. Just comment with your pick for your daily entry.

And if you want to earn an extra entry daily – tweet or post the link to this giveaway online and comment that you did so.

If you guys guess all 5 – I’ll pick 5 winners! 🙂

Giveaway open to all Canadians, and will end Monday Feb. 11th at noon – Good Luck!

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