Wreck-It Ralph now in theatres! :)

2 Nov

 We got the chance to see Wreck-It Ralph last weekend and it’s now in all theatres. My thoughts on this movie….go see it!! A super fun filled movie that the entire family will love – actually saw a lot of adults, and mid-20’s guys at the premiere too!

  The movie is about Ralph, the bad guy in a videogame Fix it Felix. He wrecks it, Felix fixes it and gets all the praise and admiration. Ralph decides to go to other games and try to earn a medal to become a good guy – and the mix of games and old school references is hilarious! You get to see Qbert, Pacman and many others in their natural habitats! So Ralph heads out on a great adventure, checks out some other games and ends up making some good friends along the way. No reason to post any spoilers or too much of the story – this movie is flat out fun, cute, funny, entertaining etc. so just see it! 🙂 The 3d was great in it also, we all really enjoyed that – and the voices were amazing, a lot of people you will recognize. They really were the right choices for the characters too. Lots of funny jokes for the kids too, my daughter is still repeating lines from the movie a week later. This movie is good for adults too, you’ll like it – and I think for pretty much any age group. Nothing scary or innapropriate for anyone that I can think of. A great movie to see as a family – and it’s always nice when it’s one that the parents can enjoy as much as the kids. And if you’re a big fan of old school video games, you’ll enjoy it too, kids or not!

Have you seen it yet or are planning to go? What did you think of it? This one gets our entire family’s endorsement as a fun night out! 🙂

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  1. LOVED this movie! I got tickets for an advance screening last week and it was so great! My three-year-old’s favourite line is “Just because you’re a bad guy, doesn’t mean you’re a bad guy.” He’s been repeating it non-stop! You’re absolutely right. It’s a great movie for the whole family; just go see it!

    • glad i wasn’t the only one who felt like that! 🙂 It’s hard to say anything about the movie, don’t want to ruin a minute of it for anyone. When you see a film like this you know that 99% of people will really enjoy it and have fun. also nice to have a movie with no scary parts either, and jokes for all age groups.

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