Winnipeg Spray Pads opening soon!!

18 May


Have your kids been bugging you to find out when the splash pads are opening? Have they been dreaming of it all winter?

Well, get your swimsuits ready – they’re opening on Saturday May 28th!

There are so many great spray pads all over the city – most of them are free and it’s a great way to spend the day outside, or go cool off quickly.

There are washrooms at most of them too – and it’s great to go as a family and bring a picnic.

A good idea is some water shoes for the kiddo’s – safer when they’re running around. The spray pads are for kids under 12, and must have a parent present. There are actually a few new ones opening this summer too! Great way to bring a community together!

You can check out the full list on the city’s website – which ones are your faves? Any tips or advice for certain ones, best parks, snacks nearby etc.? And do you call them spray pads or splash pads?

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