#Winnipeg Giveaway Weekend

25 Apr

If you’ve been doing a lot of spring cleaning, or are planning a big purge mark your calendars – the city’s Giveaway weekend will be May 10th and 11th. Perfect time to pass along some of those treasures you’re no longer using. Great motivation to clean out the basement or garage too and maybe help find those unused items a new home!

If you’re participating make sure to put the items on the front boulevard or driveway and clearly mark them as free. And if you’re not participating make sure you haven’t left anything out that anyone could misinterpret as a free item. And whatever is left over needs to be put away by dusk on Sunday night.

The city’s site has a list of what you can and should not put out. Do you participate in the giveaway weekend? Putting stuff out, or driving around looking for treasures?

We’ve had great luck giving stuff away – perfect for large items. All of our large yard toys the kiddo outgrew have gone on the front curb over the years and it’s been fun to see how quickly they go!

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