Why I switched to WordPress….

1 Aug

I hope everyone is enjoying the new format – just wanted to explain a bit why I switched over and get your opinions and ideas on what to add.

I switched over because it’s a cleaner format, easier to add a lot of fun extras and I love that you can’t copy/paste directly from what I’ve written – if anyone wants to use anything they have to use a link. I was finding it infuriating getting emails from people telling me stuff I wrote was on other sites with no credit given. This way it really allows me to keep track of everything.

Now, to the fun stuff!! I’m working on adding some polls and stuff like that – thought it could be neat to have people suggest questions and see what the general vote is. What else do you guys want to see on the site? Any suggestions?

And to any other bloggers, what do you guys use? Any good advice?

14 Replies to “Why I switched to WordPress….

  1. Suggestion! Maybe having your most current post be in full on the front page would be nice, don’t like having to click around to get the whole thing. Other then that your site looks great 🙂 Keep up the great work Nadine!

    Also, when posting like this, for some reason it’s not letting me click in the body of my message to change anything, have to backspace the whole thing to correct mistakes. Just fyi 😀

  2. Love the new site! Would like to read the whole article on main page. Had problem with your purex coupone link. Can’t right click on my own text. Kinda fustrating. Oh and need a link to get to the coupon chain like you had on old website. But it looks good other wise. My daughter loves the bird following me around on the screen. 😀

  3. I don’t find this comment area friendly at all! Just posted about Vista Print before reading this, and did not realize I couldn’t go back and spell check!!! A bit of a nightmare to have to delete everything you just wrote! Once people get used to this it will be easier I guess… I also like the idea of the most recent post being able to be read in full on the home page… Other then that, I will continue to read every day! I ♥ your blog/site!

    • I have it set so I have to approve all the comments too – that way can avoid all the crazy spam i was getting on the blog site – that was making me nuts. I’ll look into the rest though! 🙂

  4. i found this new format visually hard to look at. it should be either one wider column column with headings such as giveaways, deals etc. Just way too much to take in at once. This is an example of designated columns that still looks neat and tidy but shows you many articles at once—- oh just discovered you can’t paste something onto here, well the website is 5minutesformom.com. Sorry I couldn’t paste a direct link. Just some ideas, I still love your site and will check it regularily!

  5. I don’t mind the format, in fact it looks very nice. I agree the bird is annoying when he flies right over something I am trying to read (otherwise he is cute). I really miss the right click option. I understand your reasons for not allowing it – but when you have a link on your page I like to open it in another window so the page I was looking at stays right where it is. I find that very frustrating.

    But you have done a terrific job on your website. It looks good and is easy to use.

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