Free Products from Vista Print!

2 Aug

Check out Vistaprint to get 10 free products – all you have to pay is the shipping and that’s usually not very much! Right now you can get free business cards, mailing labels, stamps, sticky notes, wall calendars, photo flip books, tote bags, mugs, notebooks with photo and mouse pad. You could put together a pretty neat back to school pack! 🙂 I’ve ordered almost every single one of those – and lots as gifts! Their collage mugs are really neat and they package it up really well. It’s fun to order a bunch of personalized stuff – great for businesses but also for kids or for your own stationary. Their calendars and flip books are cute too – would make great xmas gifts! Have you guys ordered from them? What were your thoughts on it?

4 Replies to “Free Products from Vista Print!

  1. I LOVE VISTA PRINT! I make calenders every year for my house/hubby”s office, as well as t shirts with my kids picks on it, post it notes, return address labels… which I also make with my kids carictures on it “Property of Name” (Super useful for daycare!). I also make magnets every year with a family photo and calender on it for loved ones fridges 🙂

  2. I buy all my business stuff from VistaPrint and having 2 home-based businesses, it helps keep advertising costs low. I make sure I need a couple of things when they offer free stuff, and pretty much pay only the shipping, sometimes a couple bucks for other things.
    I also order sticky note pads and I get a pen with my name on it so my family doesn’t steal it… my work pens I call them – they say Dani’s Pen… DON’T TOUCH!!!! I love those!
    We order return labels with charicatures for xmas cards and regular ones for hte rest of the season.
    LOVE IT!

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