What to do with leftover or extra Halloween candy and chips?

2 Nov


cookie1  In our house we always look forward to all of the extra Halloween candy – we love to incorporate them into all kinds of recipes! This year we were left with a lot since we had very few trick or treaters – I had bought a case of Doritos (stay tuned to find out what we do with those!) and also a lot of chocolates. Add in all the ones kiddo collected and we have a mountain of leftovers!!

One of our faves is making leftover candy cookies!  Make up a batch of your favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe, just omit the choc. chips and cut the sugar by a lot! I just use the one on the back of the bag and it’s almost a hit at our house!


cookie3Look through the chocolates you have and see what you have. Smarties and M&M’s are good right away, for the rest pick things that you like and will melt well into a cookie. We chose Snickers, Mars, peanut butter cups and some plain chocolate bars. Chop them up into bits – size completely up to you 🙂

And now for the super fun part, take a few bags of plain (or another flavor if you’re feeling adventurous!) and get the kids to smoosh up the bags a bit. You want them crushed into smaller pieces, but not in a fine dust.

Add all of the chips and chocolate into your batter and you end up with some crazy Halloween leftovers cookies!


Just be careful and keep an eye on them while they’re baking – all that chocolate can leak out and burn easily. And some have caramel in them so bake them at a lower temperature.

What are your favourite things to do with leftover candy? Any fun recipes to share?

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